Holy Ten backs Winky D amidst copyright infringement claim


Rising Zimbabwean rapper, Holy Ten, has shown his support for veteran musician Winky D, following the removal of two of Winky D’s songs from YouTube due to a strike issued by Kenako Music.


In response to the situation, Holy Ten took to social media, urging his fans to not destroy the art, even in times of conflict.

Holy Ten also encouraged the use of “alternative dispute resolution,” highlighting the need for peaceful and constructive communication between all parties involved. He emphasized that while disagreements in the music industry are inevitable, it should not compromise the value and integrity of the art.

Holy 10 takes Winky D side
Image: Internet

Winky D, one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated musicians, had two of his songs, “MuGarden” and “Jecha,” taken down from YouTube due to copyright infringement claims made by Kenako Music. The move sparked a backlash from Winky D’s fans, who have been vocal in their support of the musician.
Zimbabwean lawyer and human rights activist, Douglas Coltart, also weighed in on the issue, criticizing Kenako Music’s use of copyright law to censor artistic expression. He argued that copyright laws should not be used as a tool to suppress and silence artists, but rather as a means to protect and promote their creative works.
The dispute over the takedown of Winky D’s songs underscores the need for effective communication and cooperation within the Zimbabwean music industry. It is hoped that the situation will be resolved through peaceful dialogue and mutual understanding, allowing the concerned parties to continue creating music that reflects the country’s diverse cultural heritage.