Holy Ten Confirmed As Father Of Chelsea’s Child


Zimbabwean rapper Mukudzei ‘Holy Ten’ Chitsama has been confirmed as the father of the child he shares with model Chelsea Tariro Hlomayi through a DNA test, revealing a 99.9% probability of paternity.

However, Holy Ten has refused to pay Hlomayi’s demand of US$350 for child support, offering US$150 instead citing his inconsistent income and family responsibilities.

Hlomayi has threatened legal action to compel him to contribute more.

Holy Ten is currently on an international tour.

The news that Holy Ten has a son with Hlomayi came out in March when the rapper and Kimberly Richards officially announced their marriage.

Unverified reports claim that Holy Ten paid US$15,000 as the bride price for his fiancée in Bulawayo. There have also been rumours that Kimberly is expecting their first child.