Holy Ten misses out on NAMA award

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Holy Ten missed out on NAMA awards last night as Freeman dominated the awards taking both outstanding male and album of the year.


Holy Ten has released an album this year the book of Malachi which is arguably one of his best work of art dating back to the time he arrived on the scene.


The young man has distinguished himself as a unique and rare talent anchored by his deep voice and rich lyrical content, there is definitely no other place he belongs other than a chair at the table at the top.


Being a fan of jazz i definitely have no much detail about his songs but there is one particular song that got my attention. He released this song 3 weeks ago and the official video 8 days back.


The song is titled pressure featuring Michael Magz and Mr Candy. Both singers deliver amazing verses which sit well with the beat creating an addictive feeling that would take a while for every listener to resist.


Holy Ten has adopted a certain style of singing which will sustain him in the industry for a very long time. Many gospel fanatics would identify this same style with the likes of Kirk Franklin who has been in the industry for 3 decades but he barely sings, his voice commands a certain level of attention.


Holy Ten does exactly that in pressure and that makes him standout much. To me pressure is so far song of the year if everything was to be closed today, well obviously there are many others artists like Saintfloew, Winky D, Sulu, Seh Calaz who have also started the year on a high note.

2023 has a lot instore let us keep supporting all our artists without comparing them, there is definitely souch potential in Zimbabwe.