Horror Unleashed: Man Sets House on Fire After Niece Rejects His Unwanted Advances, 4 Family Members Perish In Inferno


In a horrifying incident that unfolded in the early hours of July 29, 2023, a fire engulfed a home in Mafararikwa Village, Marange, resulting in the tragic loss of four family members and leaving one juvenile injured.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has confirmed that the incident occurred after the man’s niece rejected his unwanted advances.


The fire claimed the lives of Tonderai Muchimwe (43), Ashton Mundoko (12), Quinton Mundoko (7), and Tamari Mundoko (5). The sole survivor, Takunda Mundoko (14), managed to escape the flames but sustained burns all over her body.


 A Violent Struggle

According to the police statement, the incident began when Tonderai Muchimwe forcibly entered the room where his niece, Violet Muchimwe (35), and her four children were sleeping. Armed with a knife, Tonderai demanded s*xual intercourse from his niece, leading to a violent struggle. In a desperate bid to escape, Violet fled the room, leaving her children behind.

A Tragic Act of Arson

Tragically, Tonderai proceeded to sprinkle petrol throughout the house before setting it ablaze.

The intense flames quickly consumed the structure, leaving Tonderai, Ashton, Quinton, and Tamari burnt beyond recognition. Takunda, displaying remarkable bravery, managed to escape through a window but suffered severe burns in the process

Another Inferno Claims 3 Lives In Muzarambani

In another tragic incident, the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of three individuals in Muzarambani. Emily Kamugiya (65), Letina Chimuka (70), and Maxwell Josi (12) lost their lives when the thatched bedroom they were sleeping in was set on fire by an unknown suspect.

It has been revealed that Letina Chimuka had been staying with the other victims after being chased away by her son from St Alberts area, who accused her of witchcraft and causing illness to her grandchild.