“I Am Taken”: Chatunga Declares Himself Off The Market


The late Former President Robert Mugabe’s son, Chatunga, recently addressed women who pursue him romantically, informing them that he is already in a committed relationship.


He attributed his attraction to his current partner’s education and respectful demeanor.

Chatunga, who has made headlines for partying and clubbing over the years, also expressed his disinterest in women who frequent clubs and wear what he referred to as “stripper heels”.


According to a report from Mafaro, this was revealed after Chatunga recently addressed questions from his followers on Instagram.

Sometime last year, South African entrepreneur and reality television personality Eva Modika made a plea to Chatunga urging him to bring back his partying days and reignite the club scene in South Africa.

According to Modika, the South African club scene lost its vibrancy and excitement without the presence of Chatunga.

She reminisced about the years 2017/2018 when Chatunga and his friends would indulge in lavish displays, such as washing their hands with expensive bottles of champagne.


Writing on her Instagram stories at that time, Eva Modika wrote,


“@bellzgaeb Where the hell yall at? Sumo is boring and stuck up without yall’s vibe.



“Back in 2017/2018, we used to wash our hands with champagne.


“The club scene needs (sic) yall personality. Really Dry, we need yall vibe, make it happen, I’m bored!”


Modika was referring to the days when the late President Mugabe’s son became infamous for pouring expensive bottles of champagne on his even more expensive watches.