“I Met Jesus Christ Face To Face In 1999”- Prophet Passion Java Speaks On His Ministry


Eccentric clergyman and self-styled prophet Passion Java has claimed that he met Jesus Christ face to face in 1999. He was in grade 6 at the time.


According to prophet Passion, during this heavenly encounter, Jesus revealed that he had called him to be a “prophet of prophets.”

The flamboyant prophet went on to say that after the face to face meeting with Jesus Christ, he started prophesying and preaching two years later when he was in Form One.

The founding leader of the Passion Java Ministries and Kingdom Embassy church revealed these stunning claims during an interview on the podcast the Denny J show.


Revealing his encounter with Jesus Christ and how he was called to be a prophet, Passion Java said,


“I met Jesus Christ in 1999, kusangana naJesus face-to-face and he told me, I am a prophet.


“I don’t even know how to draw him, hazvitsanangurike, the presence was just too much.


“I fell on the ground but Jesu vakandiudza kuti I am a prophet of prophets in Zimbabwe and all nations around the world.


“Handina kuzvinzwisisa but I am living it now.


“In 2001, that’s when I started preaching and prophesying and I was in Form One.


“I was going around schools, in Chitungwiza, preaching, prophesying, taking students, going to Mayambara, going in camp meetings, every Friday, Saturday, praying and prophesying,”

as quoted by H-Metro.

Passion Java went on to say that his calling is to groom other preachers and prophets as he is a “prophet of prophets.” He also went on to say that he has churches all over the world with thousands of congregants.


“I am a prophet of prophets, so I groom preachers or prophets that will be in any church.


“I have churches in India, Brazil, Bahamas.


“My church is in Zengeza, over 100 congregants, Harare and Rotten Row over 200. Around 2010, I was 22, and I would fill the Aquatic Complex.


“I have churches in California, America, UK. I am everywhere. My biggest church is in Tanzania, with over 10 000 congregants.”