In Pictures: Gabon’s Most Flexible Human Being Showcases His Talent


Jaures Kombila has left social media dumbfounded with his God-given talent.

The Gabon national is arguably his country’s most flexible human being. He can give a number of contortionists in Africa or even the world, a run for their money.

His flexibility is evocative of Marvel comics’ Reed Richards popularly known as Mister Fantastic, the leader of the Fantastic Four. While Mister Fantastic and his team acquired their abilities after being bombarded by cosmic rays coupled with the pressures of space, Jaures Kombila came out of his mother’s womb flexible.

Although he was born flexible, Kombila nurtured his talent through practice. While others would have required the services of a gymnastics coach, Jaures was not as privileged and taught himself everything he knows. He is self-taught and trained himself by copying moves from martial arts movies brought home by his father.

As a result of hard work and dedication, he can twist almost any part of his body. Jaures Kombila can twist his neck, stomach, lungs, hands, head, spinal cord, and legs.


The Gabonese has cashed in on his God-given ability and is growing a following on TikTok as a contortionist. At the time of writing, Jaures Kombila has 115.5k followers and over half a million likes on TikTok.