Ireland Extradites Fugitive Killer, Peter Dube, To Mozambique

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Suspected murderer Peter Dube has been arrested in Mozambique and is set to be extradited to Zimbabwe after two years on the run.


Dube was recently convicted in Ireland of violating immigration laws before being deported to Mozambique after he claimed to be a citizen of that country.


He had assumed another alias — Armando Quenete Muchanga after he allegedly fraudulently acquired a Mozambican passport.

Dube is wanted by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for shooting and killing three people and injuring another in Gweru on 23 April 2021.


He is currently in the custody of Mozambican authorities pending investigations into how he acquired the Mozambican passport.

ZRP spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the latest development to The Sunday Mail. He said:


He was using a passport with the name Armando Quenete Muchanga with the date of birth of June 21, 1985. He is currently in custody pending further investigations.


He will also undergo due court processes that will allow his extradition back into the country.


Meanwhile, the Cabinet on Wednesday, 04 October, considered and approved Zimbabwe’s Accession to the SADC Protocol on Extradition.


Article 2 of the SADC Protocol on Extradition says:


Each State Party agrees to extradite to the other, in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol and their respective domestic law, any person within its jurisdiction who is wanted for prosecution or the imposition or enforcement of a sentence in the Requesting State for an extraditable offence.


Recently, Asst Comm Nyathi said that the ZRP had engaged Interpol to have Dube extradited back into the country from Mozambique.


Allegations are that on 23 April 2021, Dube, who was a car dealer, shot and killed his second wife, Nyasha Nharingo’s suspected lover Shelton Chinhango – also a car dealer.


Chinhango was shot dead in cold blood while seated in a minibus parked outside a flat in Gweru’s central business district, where Nyasha lived.


After shooting Chinhango, Dube turned the gun on his second wife’s best friend, Gamuchirai Mudungwe, whom he also shot and killed.


Dube allegedly went on to shoot Nyasha and her sister Nyaradzo, and the latter died in hospital.


After the shootings, Dube reportedly fled to South Africa, before relocating to Eswatini, where he changed his identity to Xolile Mtsali.


From Eswatini, he travelled to Ireland, where he sought asylum but was arrested on 14 June after he was exposed by Zimbabwean media.


Dube was arrested at a refugee facility in Dublin, before being convicted by the Dublin District Court for violating that country’s immigration laws.


The Sunday Mail reported sources as saying during his court appearance, Dube claimed to be a Mozambican and produced his passport as proof of his nationality. Said a source:


He enjoyed the benefit of doubt, as the Zimbabwe authorities took long to prove that Dube was a Zimbabwean.


When the documentation was later delivered to the Irish authorities, it was too late as Dube had already been deported to Mozambique.


The warrant of arrest request that was issued by Zimbabwe was then overtaken by events, as there was a need to prove that Dube was a Zimbabwean national before he could be repatriated back to Zimbabwe.


He then took advantage of the red tape in processing the documents and claimed to be Mozambican, since he also had some identification particulars of that country.