Is the oldest woman in the world video fake?


While Internet serves us with amazing facts and news, it is also home to a lot of fake videos. People morph, photoshop and edit videos to gain popularity over the internet. It is easy to fall prey for a fake news. But in case you have come across the video that shows a woman turning 400 years old, here’s the truth!

A video of a woman, apparently the oldest person in the world, is going viral on the Internet. She is said to turn 399 years old today. However, the viral clip has proven the video to be fake as the Guinness World Record already recognizes the oldest person to exist.

Previously, the internet was obsessed with a 163-year-old monk on TikTok. Now, a few netizens believe that someone else who is much older than the monk. Many believe that a woman seen lying in bed is close to being 400 years old. Netizens claim that she cannot move or speak due to her old age.

As internet users continue to argue about the monk and the woman’s ages, it has been proven that the woman does not exist. The person in the video, who many addressed as the 399-year-old woman, is the monk himself.

Who is the oldest person living?

On January 20, Guinness World Records verified that Kane Tanaka from Fukuoka, Japan, is the oldest living person. The woman is 119 years old and was born on January 2, 1903.