It Ended in Tears: Watch Man Left Heartbroken after Girlfriend Publicly Rejects His Proposal at Jam Tree Restaurant


It ended in tears for a young Harare man after his girlfriend publicly rejected his engagement proposal at the Jam Tree Restaurant.

It is true when they say ‘umjolo uyanyisa’ and that it is not for the faint-hearted.

A man was left heartbroken and embarrassed after his attempt to publicly propose to his girlfriend ended in rejection.

In the video which is circulating on social media, the young man can be seen going down on one knee, holding a ring. The girl, however, doesn’t seem impressed by the proposal, instead, she quickly tries to get the guy to stand up. But by then, it’s too late as all the attention has turned toward them.

The girl, seemingly embarrassed by the gesture, rejects his proposal and promptly walks away, disappearing into the crowd. She left the guy still kneeling all by himself.

Watch the video below;

The video which has gone viral on social media has sparked a flurry of mixed reactions. Some social media users sympathized with the guy and felt pity for him. Netizens suggested that the girl should have accepted the ring to spare him embarrassment and then return it later in private.

Conversely, other social media users criticized the guy for proposing at Jam Tree, stating it was not a romantic gesture and inappropriate for such a setting.
Check out some of the reactions;
@Nico Abote;
Jamtree is a bhawa.
A marriage proposal needs a sober environment I think !
@Talent Mushangwe;
Haaa pakazoti proposal mubhawa apaaa iiiiii amana…. Zvema proposal mu public siirayi varungu izviii..
Proposing at Jamtree is insane business how do you expect her to say yes when her surrounding smells like shisha, alcohol, sin & sweat? 🤢
@Prince Nezo Manezo;
Haaa pakazoti proposal mubhawa apaaa iiiiii amana…. Zvema proposal mu public siirayi varungu izviii..
@Tasha Mushamba Nyarota;
I feel sorry for the young man.. hope he heals and finds the right woman one day… sorry young man…it will be well
@Chenesai Monera;
What’s so sad about these kind of situations is the sincerity of the guys. Dzinenge dzitori nervous and would have probably put in a lot of effort towards the day. Zvakadaro hazvo hazviexcuser this behaviour. Engagement mubhawa 😅😅😅 Also how do men propose without knowing whether their lady is ready to settle ? Are these not discussions that happen prior etc, timelines and all? Shem shem
@Linda Tatenda Mtare;
At times we need to show a little bit of humanity. If you have a brother, you will never find this funny at all.
Accept the ring, give it back in private, simple!
Source: iHarare