Jonathan Moyo castigates political parties funded by foreign forces


Exiled Zimbabwe Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has reportedly has castigated political parties that are funded or capacitated by any foreign government to contest elections or grab political power.


This comes a day after Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)’s leader Nelson Chamisa and his delegation, which comprised Ms Gladys Hlatywayo, Ms Lynette Karenyi Kore, Mr Shepherd Mudede, and Mr Herbert Muriri, attended a dinner hosted by the Norwegian embassy in Pretoria South Africa where they discussed how the European country can assist CCC ahead of next year’s elections.

Moyo said,

“Any political party that is funded or capacitated by any foreign government to contest elections or grab political power is by definition treacherous, and ipso facto an enemy of the people!”


The Norwegian Chaerge’ d’ Affaires a.i Dr Stain Christensen requested for Mr Chamisa’s attendance of the dinner held on Monday, in collaboration with the Southern African Liaison Office (SALO), which is listed as a not-for-profit civil society organisation that among other things seeks to influence the current thinking and debates on foreign policy, especially regarding African crises and conflicts.


“Dr Stian Christensen requests, in collaboration with SALO, the pleasure of your company to dinner for sharing perspectives on the current situation in Zimbabwe on Monday, 23 May 2022, 17h30-20h00,”

read part of the invitation message.


Mr Chamisa and his entourage, whose flight tickets were all paid for by one Isaac Maphosa, was the keynote speaker as the opposition once again seeks funding from its handlers ahead of the watershed elections.


This comes as it has been revealed that some organisations such as the National Endowment for Democracy, the overt, traceable and trackable agency for US-backed regime, change is sponsoring a litter of anti-Government nongovernmental organizations to influence the outcome of next year’s polls.


“The guest speaker at the dinner will be Nelson Chamisa, president of Citizens Coalition for Change in Zimbabwe. Please do not share as it is highly confidential,” read part of the email from Louis Whaley, the Project, Development, and Operations Coordinator for SALO.


In line with the current western approach to Southern African countries’ affairs, the email was also addressed to other regional opposition leaders in countries like Namibia.


Mr Chamisa’s delegation booked on SA23 to JHB.


Jonathan Moyo added, “People are God’s creations such that no politician, social media influencer or political party can change people; what can be changed or even fought as the focus of change, are not people; but systems created by people. A prerequisite to changing any system is understanding it!”