Lady closely misses death while using loaded gun for TikTok video (watch)

Bizarre Video

Viral Video Today — A lady had a close shave with death after a gun fully loaded with ammunition went off and nearly blew off her head.

A video of the heart-stopping incident was uploaded to social media, and it has gone viral and sparked numerous reactions.

The lady is seen in the video wielding a pistol, with a little child in the background while she points it forward and cocks it.

She then raised it and pointed it at her head before accidentally pulling the trigger.

Before she could say anything, the gun went off, almost hitting her in the head.

The incident left her in both shock and fear. She is seen moving from one end of the room to the other repeatedly in a state of confusion.

The little child who was present in the room before the gunshot could equally be seen moving around in fear as the bullets went straight into the ceiling of the room.