Legendary South African Jazz Musician Dumped In Beitbridge By Zimbabwe Promoter, Forced To Use Public Transport


Legendary South African Jazz Musician Dumped In Beitbridge By Zimbabwe Promoter, Forced To Use Public Transport


Legendary South African jazz musician McCoy Mrubata was recently forced to cross the border on foot after his Zimbabwe music promoter dumped him at the Beitbridge border town.

Zimbabwe music promoter, Big Scale Promotion, had engaged the South African music legend to perform in Bulawayo on Saturday.


McCoy Mrubata, who was recently honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 28th South African Music Awards (SAMA), wanted to use the show to celebrate his accolade.


Posting on social media a few days before the show, the Jazz musician wrote,


“I wanna thank everyone around the world, especially here at home, for the love and the beautiful congratulatory messages you sent me since Sunday.


“The first celebration for my Lifetime Achievement Award is going to be on Saturday, 3 September in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, with my beautiful nephews: Bernice Boikanyo, Wandile Molefe and Nhlanhla Radebe.


“Also featured, Zimbabwe’s great Cool Crooners, of which I had a privilege of sharing a stage with many years ago in Zim, Byo Combined Jazz Band featuring Qeqe Mntambo and Abby Ncube and Ash Bass & Friends.”


Unfortunately for McCoy Mrubata and his band, the show turned out to be a complete farce.


There was no power at the venue, and the Zimbabwean promoter had failed to make contingency plans.


As a result, the South African musician and his band never got the chance to perform.


Narrating the band’s woes, veteran journalist Ezra Tshisa Sibanda said,

2022 SAMA life time award winner McCoy who was hired by Big Scale Promotions was meant to perform in Bulawayo on Saturday but the gig failed to happen because there was no Power as promoters didn’t have a generator for back-up plus the PA was secured very late on the day.

“McCoy and his band were left in a hotel the whole day and never taken to the venue.

“All the local bands couldn’t perform as well, and the disappointed crowd had to leave for home confused, not knowing what was happening.”

Following the chaotic arrangements for the aborted show, the South Africans received another shock the following day. They learned that their return tickets had not been paid for.


Instead, the Zimbabwe promoter drove them to the border town of Beitbridge and dumped them there to make their own way home.


McCoy Mrubata and his band were forced to bear the ignominy of crossing the border on foot and having to rely on public transport.

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda went on to say,

“To make matters worse McCoy discovered their return air tickets for Sunday were not paid for. Today around 1pm the promoter drove them to Beitbridge and left them there. They crossed on foot and had to get into a taxi full of passengers going to Johannesburg from the SA side.”

Sibanda made it clear that McCoy and his band were not to blame for the non-show. He placed the blame squarely at the feet of the Zimbabwe music promoter.

“Yesterday, McCoy and his band explained about their bad experience in Zimbabwe and are certainly NOT to blame for the flop. They wanted to perform for Bulawayo fans but were let down by the promoter and poor organisation!”