Luxury Cars and Popularity Won’t Cut It! Tinashe Mutarisi Takes Aim at Wicknell Chivayo’s Shallow Showboating


In an astonishing twist of fate, Nash business tycoon Tinashe Mutarisi has delivered a scathing rebuke to Wicknell Chivayo.

The subtle diss arrived unexpectedly, leaving many bewildered, as there had never been a public fallout between the two individuals.

This veiled insult, cleverly disguised as words of guidance, arrives precisely when Wicknell is flaunting his newly acquired collection of luxurious, top-of-the-line vehicles.

Taking to his Facebook page on a Saturday, Mutarisi expressed that he harboured no intention of showing respect to someone solely based on the extravagant bottles of champagne they’ve uncorked or the cars they parade around in. Instead, he warned that such individuals would soon be rudely awakened.

According to Tinashe Mutarisi, his respect is reserved exclusively for those who demonstrate their ability to transform lives and create opportunities for others to thrive.

“If you think we going to respect you coz of the bottles you popped or the cars you drive then go to …. go somewhere else. Show us the lives you have changed and the opportunities you have created for others then we can talk!,” Mutarisi eloquently penned on his Facebook page.

His devoted legion of fans flocked to the comments section, wholeheartedly endorsing Mutarisi’s sentiments. Here are a few noteworthy comments:


True riches is when you give others platforms to flourish not when you take away from the less privileged and clandestinely and fraudulently make your way to the top

Tinashe Ramsey:

Mkuru your posts are the best. Asingadzidze kubva kwamuri haatogone kidzidzi kwacho then…. 😇😇

Blessings Enock:

I respect you sir, true riches will never pressure you to buy all super cars, pop Champagnes and swamp all the social networks with pictures parading them to a whole poverty stricken country uchizviita mbinga.

Terrence Gandidze:

How you raise your brothers and treat the lowest ranked person around defines your real character!!!

Khotso Kolobe:

Yeeeyiii this is deep!!! Honestly greedy people steal peoples future and come back to boast to the same masses covering their insecurities by flaunting greed when there are children who sleep hungry