Madam Boss Unfollows Mai Titi On Instagram


Mai Titi and Madam Boss’ newly found friendship is hanging in the balance as the Chihera-Mutsvangwa saga takes centre stage.


Comedy queens Mai Titi real name Felistas Edwards and Madam Boss, real name Tyra Chikocho are at each other’s throats after Madam Boss’ sister Dr Fungai Mutisi made a video slamming Mai Titi.


Dr Fungai Mutisi blamed Mai Titi for dragging her sister in her drama and tarnishing Madam Boss brand. She claims Mai Titi was wrong for mentioning Evidence Chihera’s name at the meeting.


Dr Mitisi said the moment Mai Titi started mentioning Evidence Chihera’s name, Madam Boss should have left the room, lest she is embroiled in her scandals. She told Madam Boss that she doesn’t have to do everything that Mai Titi does, she told her to stand her ground.

Mai Titi did not take the video lightly. Taking to Facebook, Mai Titi fired shots at Dr Mutisi for accusing her of being a bad influence on Madam Boss.


” I don’t play with Fungai Mutisi, who is Fungai Mutisi. She has a ghost account on Mafira Kureva, that l know. She doesn’t like me…. just because I am friends with Tyra that doesnt mean you can do or say whatever you want with me. I am not your sister.


Mai Titi rubbished claims that she is the one who influenced Madam Boss to go and meet Minister Monica Mutsvangwa. She said she is ready to end her friendship with Madam Boss if the attacks continue.


“So do you think if Tyra stops talking to me today, I will die? So you think my life revolves around Tyra. We made peace after they called us. I did not look for neither did she….You act as if, if I stop hanging around with Tyra I will die…The friendship you are trying to destroy, if it is like that then the friendship should just end , because it is not giving us anything besides causing us to fight.”


Madam Boss who is embroiled in the whole saga still has not responded, she just unfollowed Mai Titi on Instagram.

Watch the video below:

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