Mai Titi Overtakes Madam Boss As Most Followed Comedienne On Facebook


Popular comedienne Mai Titi has overtaken her rival Madam Boss as Zimbabwe’s most followed socialite on Facebook.


Mai Titi has hit 1.3 million followers over Madam Boss’ 1.2 million. This is despite the fact that Madam Boss became the first socialite to hit a million followers.

The two were also at loggerheads over numbers this past week following their appearance on Star FM radio’s On The Spot program.


When Mai Titi appeared on the platform, she hit slightly above 17 000 Facebook live viewers as Madam Boss hit slightly below 25 000 live viewers the following day.


Meanwhile, opposition, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Hopewell Chin’ono recently blasted Zimbabweans for flocking in their numbers to watch these Facebook live broadcasts.

Seeing the high numbers, against the low voter registration turnout that has been reported in past months, Chin’ono went on a tirade blasting Zimbabweans for misplaced attention.


Hospitals have no medication, schools have no books, 95% of Zimbabwe’s potential work force is out of work, the whole country has NO radiotherapy or heart bypass machine, there is little voter registration, yet 14,200 Zimbabweans are currently listening to a Facebook drama Queen.