Mai Tt’s former friend claims she is behind the death of her wedding chopper pilot


Felistas Murata, a Zimbabwean socialite, has been accused of having a hand in the death of her helicopter pilot, Captain Peter Chirimuuta, who died just a day after her wedding¹. The helicopter that ferried Felistas Murata to her wedding in Chisipite crashed the following day on Sunday, killing the pilot, a former Squadron Commander and Military Pilot at the Airforce of Zimbabwe¹. The chopper crashed near Chibero College in Mhondoro and the pilot was alone¹. Felistas Murata confirmed the sad news via a post on her Facebook page.

Ketty Masomera, a former friend of Felistas Murata, has accused her of having a hand in the death of Captain Peter Chirimuuta¹. Ketty Masomera took to social media and said “next episode murume wechikopokopo akaitwasei why wakazoudzwa kuti ndiwe wange uchifanirwa kufa then kofa mutorwa? enda unoreurura kumba kwemudhara wechikopokopo otherwise uchadya mubin chete muroindishe #cultgonewrong” loosely translating to “the helicopter guy died because of your cult, go and confess you will soon be eating from the bin”.

It is unclear what Ketty Masomera meant by “cult” or how Felistas Murata is involved in Captain Peter Chirimuuta’s death. However, Ketty Masomera’s accusations have sparked outrage on social media with many people calling for an investigation into the matter.

Felistas Murata,popularly knows as Mai Tt, is a Zimbabwean comedienne, socialite and recording artist as well as an activist for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. She married Tinashe Maphosa on 9 April 2022 at a wedding ceremony where she made grand entry after arriving with a helicopter (chopper) at Royalgate gardens with her beautiful daughters.

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