Man beaten up after caught using Bluetooth (mubobobo) in night club


IN a macabre real-life drama that recently unfolded at Northend Shopping Centre in Bulawayo, a man in his mid-50s received a thorough hiding after he was caught red-handed using mubobobo, on an unsuspecting female patron at one of the bars at the shopping centre.


The man (name supplied) and reportedly employed by a local car hire company, had been using mubobobo on unsuspecting women frequenting shops, bars, and a salon at the shopping centre for an extended period before he was finally caught two weeks ago.

Mubobobo is a type of magic where a man can use some muthi or spell to perform a sexual act on an unsuspecting woman even in the most public of places.


Several cases have been reported in the past but like most magical or metaphysical acts, it is hard to prove.

A victim who spoke on condition of anonymity said she experienced a sexual attack while in a bar when she started to feel strange sensations in her privates and then screamed in pleasure in front of other patrons.




“He came and stood close to me while sipping his beer slowly. I started sweating and behaving like I was having sex. I also felt weak and went to the toilet constantly, which is when I started to worry,” she recounted.




The victim and other patrons became suspicious of the man’s peculiar behaviour, especially his constant leg movements.




“One of my friends then told me that my behaviour showed signs of someone using mubobobo on me, and we already suspected that man because of his awkward behaviour and the way he was always moving his leg and we suspected that he was up to no good.


“The man suddenly bolted when we turned to him and the patrons gave chase and managed to catch up with him and bashed him,” she added.


Another victim shared her disturbing encounter, stating: “I could literally feel like I was having sex,” she said.


She expressed her hurt upon discovering that the man responsible for these sensations was the same individual who had been busted.


“I would get wet from the feeling,” she said.


Another victim, a hairdresser, revealed that she had experienced the same sensations when the man visited their salon, but she didn’t realise what was causing them at the time.

“At that time when I thought it was the heat, the man was standing outside our salon. I was looking confused and troubled and I told my colleagues who also confirmed that they once felt like someone was having sex them,” she said.


A source who frequents the shopping centre, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said the suspect’s behaviour was always suspicious because he had no one specific bar he visited.


“He was always all over the shopping centre, and since that day he was beaten he has not been seen around,” said the source.