Man cries uncontrollably after discovering his child isn’t his

Social Media Video

A video of a heartbroken man weeping after he discovered the child he had been nursing isn’t his has been shared online.

According to reports , he made the decision to carry out a DNA test after he tried donating blood to the kid and was told his blood didn’t match.

The tearful man said he trained his wife in the university and is saddened that she could do something like that to him.

The wife held their daughter in her arms and knelt before him pleading for forgiveness.


She begged him to give them a chance to work things out, but he was really upset. They were living with another man who made an effort to calm him down.

From the video, you could hear the man say amidst tears;


“After all I have done for you, you had to sleep with another man to bring a child in my house. Women!

What did I do to deserve this? I was the one that even sent you to school. I made sure you’re a graduate and you did this to me. God will p*nish you.”


Watch the video below :