Man defraud $23m By Money Changers

Crimes and Courts

A Harare man recently lost $23 million to money changers who had promised to give him US$14 000 cash in exchange for making two transactions to different bank accounts.

Justice Mahuni who appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Dennis Mangosi charged with fraud was remanded in custody pending bail application.

The State alleged that on April 17, at Corner Fifth Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in Harare, Mahuni acted in connivance with his accomplice Muboko Zviitei, who is still at large, to defraud Stanely Kamukapa.

Mahuni contacted Mr Kamukapa’s friend Wellington Charehwa who told him that he needed to make payment of $22 004 539 at ZIMRA using local currency or bank swipe and would give him US$13 500 cash after doing the transaction.

Mahuni further told Mr Kamukapa that he had cash US$13 500 to offer after the transaction.

Although Mr Kamukapa demanded his money he was told by Mahuni to go and get the money at a local hotel where his accomplice was.

He was told that the cash was available but the handover would be upon completion of the transaction.

After making the payment, Mr Kamukapa showed Mahuni’s accomplice the proof who then told him that he needed to first receive confirmation from Zimra which he received and further said he wanted to receive a receipt first on April 19.

Since then Mr Kamukapa tried to call Mahuni and his accomplice but they become evasive prompting him to file a report with the police that led to Mahuni’s arrest.

The second count arose, on February 21 at Coppa Cabana in Harare when Mahuni contacted Mr Kamukapa and told him that he had some American dollars and needed a bank transfer of $1,8 million into a CBZ bank account.

Mahuni told Mr Kamukapa to meet him at Hebert Chitepo Avenue and Eighth Street to collect the US dollars after sending the money.

When he got to the venue Mahuni was nowhere to be found and his mobile number became unreachable.