Man Does Not flush The Toilet After Use -Wife

Crimes and Courts

A HARARE man cried in court claiming his wife has been abusing him ever since she acquired a protection order.

John Mukati said his wife Magirate verbally abuses him in front of their children.


He told the court that whenever they had an argument, she threatens to get him arrested.


“I don’t know how to deal with this woman anymore, she harasses me in public.


“She claims she will get me arrested, which is unfair,”

Mukati said.

In response, Magirate accused John of being reckless and violent.


“My husband is a very reckless person who does not even flush the toilet after use.


“He makes a lot of noise at night yet he is the one who wants other people to respect him,”

she said.


This matter was heard at the Harare Civil Court where John applied for a protection order against Magirate.


Presiding magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted the protection order in John’s favour.

Source: H Metro