Man Found Having Sex With Brother-in-law’s Wife At Johanne Masowe Shrine


A Manyame Park man was attacked by Johanne Masowe church members after they found him having sex with a woman later proven to be his brother-in-law’s wife at their shrine.

Watch the video here:

WARNING: Violent content in the video


Tanaka Musengeyi aged 30, lured his brother-in-law Solomon Chawira’s wife, only identified as Nyasha aged 19, to a bushy area where they were caught by Sowe reJerusalem members having sex.

This did not sit well with the church members who in turn assaulted the two for defiling their place of worship, H-Metro reported.

A passerby recorded a video of the church members assaulting the two and posted it on social media.

Nyasha confirmed the incident, saying Tanaka had been proposing to her whenever he visited them.

We were bashed by three men after they caught us.

Tanaka murume we wehanzvadzi yemurume wangu, mukuwasha.

According to religious beliefs, adultery is considered a sin, however, in the eyes of the law, it is a breach of contract.

It is considered an infringement or damage to a marriage, however, it is not a crime. It is not possible to be arrested for committing adultery, however, one can claim damages from a third party who has caused harm to a marriage by intentionally interfering in the marital relationship.

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