Man killed for lying

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A MAN from Fort Rixon has been arrested after he allegedly fatally assaulted a neighbour for spreading lies about him.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the incident which occurred on April 17 at around 11PM.


She said Luke Mathonsi went to look for Raymond Moyo in the company of his wife Sithobekile Ndlovu where he assaulted him leading to his death.


“Luke Mathonsi and his wife Sithobekile Ndlovu went to Lavenia Farm, in Fort Rixon where Raymond Moyo was employed as a herd boy and found him asleep. Moyo came outside and sat down near his bedroom door. Mathonsi accused Moyo of telling his employer that he stole some railway slippers which were used as fencing poles at Lavenia Farm.

“A misunderstanding arose between the two and Moyo stood up intending to get back into his bedroom hut. The accused person punched him several times on the face with fists and he fell down. He went on to kick Moyo with booted feet twice and left him lying on the ground. Moyo’s wife Siphathisiwe Mathonsi checked on Moyo and noticed that he was bleeding from the nose and mouth and already dead. She made a report to police who attended the scene,” she said.

Insp Mangena said police carried out investigations leading to Moyo’s arrest.