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Marry Mubaiwa Convicted Of Marriage Fraud

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife MarryMubaiwa has been found guilty of contravening the Marriages Act.

Harare Magistrate Lazini Ncube convicted Marry Mubaiwa of violating the Marriages Act after lying that her former husband had consented to solemnise their wedding while he was receiving medical care in India.


In passing his ruling, Magistrate Lazini said evidence from witnesses proved that she lied about Chiwenga’s consent to legalise their marriage.

Mubaiwa is facing allegations of attempting to fraudulently upgrade the former couple’s customary marriage.


Meanwhile, sometime in February, the High Court dealt Mubaiwa a significant blow after ruling that her marriage to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is over because he legally divorced her.


High Court judge Justice Owen Tagu ruled that VP Chiwenga legally divorced her when he sent retired Lieutenant General Anselem Sanyatwe to give her US$100 as a divorce token, gupuro in vernacular.

During one of her many trials, her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa bemoaned how Mary Mubaiwa’s fate had already been sealed although she mentioned her client has chosen to keep quiet.

“The magistrate has found that Marry has a case to answer. No surprises there. It is not on the basis of the charges but on what he said in court.


“We have opted to remain silent. The Constitution says we have the right to remain silent. The state wants to force her to answer a question which is in contradiction of the Constitutional provision, which is very clear; the right to remain silent and not to be forced to testify in the hope that you may incriminate yourself because the state case is weak. It means they have enough evidence to convict her.


If he can now convert what he called a prima facie case into proof beyond reasonable doubt, let him (the magistrate) go ahead and convict her. So, he has gone to consider if she should be compelled to respond or not,”

Mtetwa said.