Mberi Primary School in Zengeza thrown into chaos after pupils spot female ghost


Chaos broke out on Monday morning at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza following reports of a suspected ghost on the school premises.


The alleged ghost, described as a woman-like figure, caused chaos among Grade 4 Yellow students, resulting in the stampede that led to one student’s injury. The fear the ghost instilled disrupted classes and forced one student to seek medical attention at a clinic.

Parents and guardians became worried upon hearing about the incident and went to the school to pick up their children. Unfortunately, the situation escalated, which resulted in the arrest of a parent after the police intervened.


Not the first time?

According to a parent who spoke with H-Metro, this was not the first incident involving strange occurrences in the school. The parent recalled how a shadow-like figure resembling a woman, sitting on a table, led the teacher and students to flee a classroom.


“There should be something frightening our children at the school. They were disturbed after a shadow-like image, in the form of a woman, was spotted seated on the table forcing both the teacher and children to flee from the classroom,”

one parent disclosed.

When other teachers and students gathered to witness the figure, it vanished mysteriously. This has led many parents to voice strong suspicions that maybe one of the teachers might be involved in satanism.


“Nothing was seen after other teachers and students gathered to see where the shadowy figure was spotted. Nhasi vana vatizazve muclass iyoyo kusvikira headmaster Jena vadaidza vakuru vavo. We strongly suspect that one of the staff members dabbles in satanism,”

said the parent.

The primary school administration has been advised to take steps to investigate and bring an end to such disturbances, stating that it is crucial to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of both students and teachers and take serious action against any wrongdoing.