‘Money just dissappear’ : Woman’s Home in Chaos as Ndunge’s Connection to ‘Ghosts’ Revealed


Nyarai Chadoko’s once peaceful sanctuary has turned into a relentless nightmare, besieged by chilling supernatural phenomena.


In her Bloomingdale city house, ghostly cars materialize on her property, money and food vanish without a trace, windows and walls are vandalized, and eerie lights from unseen vehicles flicker in the night.


At 60, Chadoko is baffled by the inexplicable forces tormenting her. Her attempts to seek help from the late sangoma Sekuru Ndunge were thwarted by his untimely passing, leaving her without answers.


The terror began in 2013, upon her return from her rural home. Ghostly cars flash their lights before disappearing, strange markings and oily fluids stain the walls, and household items are torn apart for no reason.


Despite consulting with Sekuru Ndunge and trying traditional remedies like cooking sticks and salt, the disturbances persist. Doors unhinge, money vanishes, and even disconnecting the power supply brings little relief, as Chadoko fears imposters posing as electricians.


Isolated from her children to protect them, Chadoko lives in solitude, shielded from the malevolent forces haunting her home. Neighbors remain silent, offering no solace or explanation for the inexplicable horrors unfolding next door.


As Chadoko battles the supernatural alone, her once vibrant home descends into a house of horror, enveloped in mystery and dread.