Bizarre Crimes and Courts Rape

A KADOMA monster masquerading as a father has horrified his wife by r aping his three minor children for ritual purposes.


The dad, who has since fled to South Africa, horrified his wife as the children, aged between 12 and 16, exposed the terrible levels of abuse.


The mother stated she was at a loss for words to describe her rogue husband’s depravity.

“Baba ngavasungwe,” she told a local publication.

“I reported the matter to the police when my children told me about this issue.


“The children need help since the 16-year-old is not going to school, plus anombofenta nekufunga.


“I only found out about this issue this month after the father had a problem with the 16-year-old, who then left home to stay with her sister.


“I didn’t even know why she left.”

She added: “After he noticed kuti mwana atiza, after a week, he then said he was going to South Africa to look for another job.


“Since he is self-employed, ndakangoti it’s fine.


“I then called her sister and told her that her dad had gone to South Africa.


“My daughter then said she is coming back home.


“When she returned, she revealed that her father had been sleeping with her since she was in Grade 2, and now she is 16 years vachingodaro.

“One day, I went to church, kamwe kacho kane 12 years kakuda kurara nekamukomana kane 8 years.


“Kabva kauya kachindiudza kuti ndozvandaiitwa na daddy.


“So, I reported the matter to the police and they were medically examined and sadly vese were found to have been violated.”


She said her husband even has the cheek to ask her to bring the youngest daughter to South Africa.

“This man must be arrested.


“Imagine kushaya nyadzi, he slept with the last born, hanzi tisiye uyu ane 16 years achishupika since she gave him a hard time.

“He should be arrested and the children need counselling.


“The children say he wanted to make money through kuromba.

“Maybe, it was kuromba, you know when we talk about spiritual attacks, maybe vana vanga vakatoshandisirwa mushonga yekusimbisa hana, kuvhara njere.”


He attacked the kids, according to the mother, when she wasn’t home.


“They say he would sleep with them each time I went to church or funeral wakes.


“He knew I love praying and we would have altercations with him about why he didn’t want me to go to church.

“We have no money to talk about, kungori kushinha chete, a cruel soul.


“Tikatowana food toti Mwari kudzwai, this is shocking to me.”