Motorist Points Pistol At Traffic Officers Who Attempted To Clamp His Vehicle

Crimes and Courts

The police in Magunje are investigating an incident involving an unidentified motorist who allegedly pointed a pistol at two traffic officers who had attempted to clamp his vehicle.


In a statement seen by Pindula News, police said the motorist was driving a Toyota RAV4 vehicle. Reads the statement:


Police in Magunje are investigating a case of pointing a firearm in which an unidentified motorist driving a Toyota RAV4 vehicle pointed a pistol to two Hurungwe District Council traffic officers who were enforcing traffic offences at Magunje Growth Point on 09/05/23. The officers had intended to clamp the suspect’s vehicle for dangerous parking along Karoi –Binga Road.


Gun violence in Zimbabwe is a relatively rare occurrence due to the country’s strict laws governing the possession and use of firearms. Gun ownership is generally restricted to security forces, hunters, and licensed private individuals.


However, there have been some isolated incidents of gun violence in recent years, mostly related to armed robberies, political violence, and disputes over land and resources.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa granted a presidential amnesty on voluntary surrender of firearms and ammunition in August 2022 due to the increasing occurrence of crimes such as armed robberies and other forms of crimes of passion in Zimbabwe. The police confirmed that about 550 firearms were surrendered voluntarily since then.


Despite these efforts, gun violence remains a concern in some parts of the country, and there are calls for further action to address the root causes of violence and promote peace and stability in Zimbabwe.