Mushekwi Says Jealous People Wanted To Subotage Him After He Bought Caps United Luxury Bus


Nyasha Mushekwi has revealed that he faced resistance from several local quarters when he bought a luxury coach for his former club CAPS United.

The China-based striker bought the 45-seater bus in the Asian country at a cost of US$120 000.

Its delivery, however, wasn’t smooth and the player had to make several trips to Zimbabwe.

After CAPS United received the bus following months in transit, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) came and seized it.

The revenue department said the duty that was initially paid was understated and asked the Green Machine to surrender the luxury coach until they clear all the dues.

Adding all the expenses incurred during the delivery of the bus, the total amount surpassed US$250 000.

Speaking after receiving the FIFPro Community Champion award for helping the Green Machine, Mushekwi revealed:

“Getting it (the bus) there was a big challenge. I just wanted to donate the bus, but suddenly so many people got involved.

“Some people didn’t want the bus in Zimbabwe. I don’t know whether it was just jealousy. It’s just African politics in football, I guess.

“They were trying to sabotage the whole process, making me pay more tax, more duties. In the end, I ended up paying money that could have bought another bus.”

Despite the challenges faced in the delivery, Mushekwi said he is happy to see bus not only helping his former club but also the national teams.

He added: “But I am pleased that I did it. People have sent me photos of the bus being used by not only CAPS, but the national cricket team, the women’s national team and other teams. I am pleased that it is not only working for one purpose, which was CAPS United, but for the greater good.

“The whole process of also trying to get it into Zimbabwe was a big problem, but in the end the whole purpose was to help – and it’s helping a lot of people.”

Source: soccer24