Nash Paints CEO Tinashe Mutarisi Urges Support For Jah Prayzah And Winky D


In a Facebook post seen online, Nash Paints CEO, Tinashe Mutarisi, has called on Zimbabweans to support both Jah Prayzah and Winky D as they make an impact on the global music scene. Mutarisi emphasized that the two artists represent Zimbabwe, and their success would benefit the entire country. He urged fans not to discredit one artist in favour of the other and to remember that they are in competition but also colleagues.

Mutarisi acknowledged the exceptional launch of Winky D’s album and Jah Prayzah’s remarkable evolution as an artist with numerous international awards. He suggested that if Jah Prayzah were to join the league of global stars such as Drake, Burna Boy, and Ed Sheeran, the world would begin to look for Zimbabwe’s Davidos in music, and the entire country would advance.


Mutarisi concluded by calling on Zimbabweans to support these artists and others and to put likes on social media to encourage them. He urged the youth to focus on education and to avoid divisive language. We present the post below:

On behalf of millions,

I am writing to express the widely known fact that our megastars Jah Prayzah and Winky D DiBigman are on the verge of making a significant impact on the global music scene. The album Eureka is a masterpiece that has been acknowledged by many, and Winky D’s evolution as an artist has been remarkable, as evidenced by the numerous international awards he has received.

We were all witness to the exceptional launch of Wangwizi’s album. If Beyoncé is to just press play on the videos of the launch even by mistake, the world of music would be forever changed. We are now in the final stretch, and this is the moment we have been anticipating. While we all have our personal preferences, it is important to remember that these artists represent Zimbabwe.

If Jah Prayzah were to succeed and enter the league of Drake, Burna Boy, and Ed Sheeran, the world would begin to look for Zimbabwe’s Davidos in music, and the entire country would advance. Let’s embrace the competition between the two and support one or both of them but let’s not make an effort to discredit the other.

You can be a die hard JP fan but you will be delusional if you believe that Winky haagone. I’m 100% sure iye Jah pachake anotozviziva kuti Gaffa i Gaffa musareverane nhema, and vice versa.

In conclusion I’m just trying to say let’s push these artist plus everyone else. Let’s put likes on socials kunevese. Ngatiitei zviya zvataiitira vaizvigonera havo kumhanya kuchikoro tichikuza wedu tichingoti Jonso mhanya, Jonso mhanya taisambo tenderera totanga kuti Peter usamhanye unongoti zvikumbo zvakabhenda no.

Regai vana vaende!

For a prolonged period, fans of Winky D and Jah Prayzah have engaged in negative talk about the artistes.