Ndebele ‘king’ threatens to invade State House

National Politics

ONE of the claimants to the Ndebele Kingdom, Stanley Raphael Khumalo, has written to President Emmerson Mnangagwa threatening to take over Bulawayo State House and revive the kingdom in the Matabeleland region.


In a letter dated May 12 directed to Mnangagwa, which he said he submitted through the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa, Khumalo, who calls himself King Mzilikazi II, announced that he would lead “his” people in South Africa who were displaced by both the Rhodesian and Zanu-PF-led governments and occupy Bulawayo State House.

“It is, therefore, announced that his Royal Mzilikazi II shall be leading a peaceful, but massive crusade of his people suffering in South Africa back to their home country, Mthwakazi. The crusade shall start from Johannesburg on May 28 and arrive in Bulawayo the following day,”

Khumalo’s letter read.


“His majesty shall address the nation in the newly-revived, free and independent State of Mthwakazi on May 29. His Royal Majesty shall thereafter move into the State House in Bulawayo on the same day as his official residence and begin to rule over his kingdom.”


Khumalo once attempted to invade State House, but was blocked by the police.


“The territory, 10km east of the Jameson line as described, which territory is legally a part of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi, shall become the boundary of the independent state of Mashonaland, alias Zimbabwe.


“Please note Mr President, the Ndebele people are not unaware of your brutality and your lack of respect for Ndebele life with your government, your security personnel and with the help of the quiet diplomacy of British government,”

he wrote.


Contacted for comment yesterday, Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa, David Hamadziripi said he had not yet received the letter.


“No I did not receive any such letter,”

Hamadziripi said.


Other claimants to the Ndebele Kingdom are South Africa-based Bulelani Collins Khumalo and Peter Zwide Khumalo.

Source: Bulawayo24