Noisy nuisance… Churches, sports bars warned over loud music

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SPORTS bars and churches beware, playing loud music is a nuisance and should be stopped immediately!

This is according to minutes of a latest council meeting where Bulawayo City Council (BCC) councillors from different suburbs expressed anger over sports bar owners who play loud music at night and churches who also use loud hailers and used loud musical instruments.


So unbearable is the noise from the sports bars that the local authority has resolved to enforce its relevant by-laws to stop the nuisance.


Ward 12 Councillor Lillian Mlilo said sports bars had become a nuisance in the city.

“Councillor L Mlilo raised concern about sports bars that had become a nuisance in the City. These sports bars generated a lot of noise pollution especially at night. Follow ups should be done and relevant by-laws enforced,” the minutes read in part.


Ward 15 Clr Febbie Msipa concurred saying she noted that there was a lot of fouling at a sports ground near Chigumira Shopping Centre in Luveve suburb.


“A nearby sports ground was turned into a dance ground. Music was played aloud from vehicles. She proposed that engagements be done and a team comprising police, councillor and residents representatives be established to deal with the issue”.

The local authority has been receiving reports from members of the community concerning the noise pollution they have been experiencing in their areas emanating from bars.


Ward 26 Councillor Mpumelelo Moyo highlighted that noise “nuisance” was not only from sports bars but from churches as well.


“These churches used loud hailers and played loud musical instruments. There was a need to review the policy on the establishment of sports bars. Some of these sports bars could be peddling drugs,” the minutes read.

Ward Two Clr Joyce Ndlovu’s view was that not all complaints were genuine as some residents just complained about everything.


“Some sports bars were managed very well. There was a lot of fouling around bottle stores before the introduction of Sports Bars,” highlighted Clr Ndlovu.


In response the acting Director of Health Services explained that the opening and closing times for sports bars were enforced by the police.


“Previously Council was involved in the renewals of liquor licences. Currently it was the Liquor Licensing Board that renewed without Council. By then it was easy for Council to raise complaints to the applicant. Noise nuisance by-laws were enforced by the ZRP.”

Chamber Secretary Sikhangele Zhou also explained that the local authority had a policy which encouraged sports bars rather than bottle stores as sports bars have a seating area, television, indoor games and ablution facilities.


“Most patrols of bottle stores usually engaged in public drinking and would then foul the area. The regulated operating times for bottle stores was 10am up to 8pm. Sports bars were from 10am to 10pm while night clubs were open from 10pm to 4am.”

“The Town Clerk advised that in the past there were shebeens which were illegal. One thing that could be observed from the shebeens were moral values.


“Children under age were not allowed. Sports bars brought in sanity and elevated residents’ lives by providing sports entertainment while enjoying drinks. Relevant by-laws would be enforced,” the minutes further read.

Source: B-Metro