North Korea Tests New Intercontinental Ballistic Missile


North Korea on Thursday tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Hwasong-18, in its first such launch since 2017. The test was condemned by the United States and its allies, who called on North Korea to return to denuclearization talks.



The Hwasong-18 is a long-range, solid-fuel missile that is believed to be capable of reaching the continental United States. It is the largest ICBM ever developed by North Korea, and its test is a major escalation of the country’s weapons program.

The launch came just days after North Korea fired a series of short-range ballistic missiles, and it is seen as a sign that the country is continuing to develop its nuclear and missile capabilities.


The United States and its allies have imposed harsh sanctions on North Korea in an effort to pressure it to give up its nuclear weapons program. However, the sanctions have so far failed to deter North Korea from pursuing its weapons ambitions.

The United States has said that it is prepared to engage in diplomacy with North Korea, but only if the country is willing to give up its nuclear weapons. However, North Korea has said that it will never give up its nuclear weapons, and it has threatened to use them if it feels threatened.


The test of the Hwasong-18 is a major setback for efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. It is unclear what the United States and its allies will do in response to the test, but it is clear that North Korea is not going to give up its nuclear weapons program without a fight.

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