NUDES AND CONTROVERSY . . . Magacha says he never lost sleep over leaked photos . . . Says he is not gay, doesn’t believe in same sex unions

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GOSPEL singer Sabastian Magacha says he never lost sleep over the leaked nude pictures which went viral a few months ago.

The Tomudana hitmaker said he does not owe anyone an explanation.


He was speaking during the Star FM’s After Drive show hosted by DJ Ollah 7.


“I have never wanted to talk about this issue because I have told myself, I did not wrong anybody, and I don’t owe anyone an explanation even up to now.

“I was just like you, I was in the terraces like everyone else, and I was like okay fine, so then what?

“The good part of it, I had a relationship, a very healthy relationship, for whatever reasons, whoever did that, whatever they did, I was watching, God is still raising me.


“There were some people who came out to speak and I was still silent, even up to today.


“I would not want to believe that it tainted my career, I think I preached a lot, God was raising me. My reaction, this is what is there, God what do we do?” he said.


Magacha said he was not moved.


“I am sure somebody akatobudawo akauya akazopawo confession, I was not part and parcel of what was brought on social media.


“My mandate is not to come and explain, but only sing gospel.


“I loved it, inini I saw it, people preach differently, for me it was preaching because some committed suicide over such issues.


“But God helped me to preach, I believe I am strong, people have their opinions, but they don’t stop your destiny.”


The singer also spoke about his recent album launch, which flopped.


“If you come to a show, pachiri kusetwa maspeakers, or zvinhu ukatora picture wobva wati iflop.


“We were half-full, people were enjoying, so we can’t follow the agenda of Satan.


“The project is making a lot of noise.”


Magacha said his dress code has nothing to do with his character.


“I have a fashion taste which is different from others, let’s have a problem if I put on a dress ndobva ndasunga dhuku nekapurse.


“I love women and the fact that I was once married for me, not for anyone, I am actually dating someone right now, I have a daughter.


“I don’t need to explain that to anyone.


“I loved vaMugabe kuti vanga vasingade ngochani. For me it’s something wrong, I am biblically-guided, I am principled, it’s something I condemn.


“I am a social worker, I work with a foundation, I work with communities. Every year, I have around 80 orphans who I take care of.”


He traded his football boots for music after a career threatening injury.


“I used to play for CAPS United Juniors and, at one time, I remember I was subbed.


“I then broke my leg and I could not play soccer, I was now playing music, music is by calling but I loved soccer.


“I have never dreamt to be where I am today in terms of music but it can only be God.


“My mandate is to preach the word of God and He is commanding me to do so,” he added.


Quizzed about his marriage, he said:


“The bible calls for a healthy marriage and if you don’t find it, it’s stressing you, you are allowed to walk out.


“I have so much respect for my ex-wife, whatever zvatakatadzirana, or when we met, the world was not there.


“Our marriage failed, whether from my side or her side.

“We move on with life.”