Nzamwita – Woman Fearing Man Who Lives In Isolation Adds Fence To Keep Them Away – Video Goes Viral


While humans are known to be social creatures, a 71-year-old man by the name of Callitxe Nzamwita seems to prove this theory wrong with his unique and bizarre lifestyle. He claims to have locked himself inside his self-built house for the past 55 years, avoiding any interaction with women.

According to Nzamwita, his decision to live in isolation for the past half-century arose from his desire to avoid talking or being around women. While this may seem unusual to most, for Nzamwita, it is an intentional choice that he both enjoys and is committed to.

“I lock myself in here and have a fence around my house to ensure women will not come closer to me.


I don’t want women around me because they terrify me,”

the man said.


His house is uniquely built, making it self-sustaining, and he has even constructed a makeshift garden to grow vegetables. Despite his isolation, Nzamwita claims to be content with his life and has no regrets about the decision he made all those years ago to live alone.


Afrimax English reports that Nzamwita has resided in his self-built house since he was a teenager.



However, according to a woman, she and other females provide food assistance to Nzamwita, regardless of his desire to maintain distance from them.


“Strangely, even though he fears women, we are the ones who help him get food and some things he needs. When you try to help him, he doesn’t want us to come close or talk to him. Instead, we give him things by tossing them into his house, and then he comes and picks them up. He doesn’t let us get close to him, but he still takes what we offer from a distance,”

she noted.



Nzamwita disclosed that his house does not have any separate rooms, including a kitchen and washroom, and he performs all tasks within the space where he sleeps. This includes preparing his meals and carrying out other daily activities.


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