Olinda Chapel Shocks Fans With Birthday Message To Ex-Husband Stunner


Olinda Chapel, a Zimbabwean businesswoman and socialite, has left tongues wagging after she posted a happy birthday message to her ex-husband Stunner Chideme, despite being married to another man. Her fans have posted nasty comments and indicated she is disrespecting her husband by wishing her ex a happy birthday publicly.


Olinda Chapel and Stunner Chideme were married in a traditional ceremony in 2016, after Stunner claimed to have paid $16,000 for lobola. However, their marriage was short-lived and marred by scandals and accusations of infidelity. Olinda accused Stunner of cheating on her with several women, including her best friend. She also claimed that Stunner was living off her money and fame. The couple had a messy divorce in 2018, which played out on social media.

Olinda then moved on with Tytan Skhokho, another Zimbabwean artist and manager, who paid lobola for her in March 2018. However, their marriage also hit the rocks in 2019, when Olinda discovered that Tytan had cheated on her with her best friend as well². Tytan also alleged that he was a victim of domestic abuse by Olinda. The couple later reconciled and are still together.


Stunner, on the other hand, has been dating Dyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika, a model and entrepreneur, since 2017. The couple have a daughter together and they have since parted ways.

However, Olinda’s birthday message to Stunner has raised eyebrows and questions about her relationship with Tytan. She wrote on her Facebook page: “Happy birthday Dziva, Dai ndatenga present but handiti wakandiramba ukati “ndoenda” 😂😂😂. Saka itiranai ikoko. Happy birthday ex wangu 😊😊😊😊” She says she could have bought her ex a birthday present but she won’t since he dumped her¹.

Some of her fans reacted with shock and anger, saying that she was being disrespectful to Tytan and that she still had feelings for Stunner. Others defended her, saying that she was just being friendly and mature. Some even speculated that she was trying to make Tytan jealous or that she was seeking attention.

Olinda has not deleted or edited her post, despite the backlash. She has also not commented on the matter further. It is not clear what Tytan thinks of her gesture or how it will affect their marriage.