Opposition MP’s Yellow Lamborghini Ignites CCC Campaign Fury

2023 Elections Politics

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) election campaign launch in Gweru yesterday was not only a show of political force but also a display of automotive extravagance.

Gift Banda, the former ZIFA vice president, former Bulawayo deputy mayor, and current MP of Njube-Lobengula constituency, arrived at the Mkoba stadium in a yellow Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato, a supercar designed for rally driving.

The Lamborghini, which costs about US$300,000, drew attention from the thousands of people who attended the rally to hear CCC President Nelson Chamisa outline his manifesto for the 2023 elections.


Some praised Gift Banda for his taste and wealth, while others criticized him for flaunting his luxury in a country where many people struggle to make ends meet.

Supporters Unimpressed

However, Gift Banda’s grand entrance at the CCC rally with a Lamborghini in Gweru left a bad taste in people’s mouths, and they expressed their rage on social media.




“That’s why citizens rejected him. We don’t want these types of politicians.”




“Better kutosvika wakabata chingwa ne sugar yekupa vari Parally, vanoidii Lamborghini? How does it help the community?”




“African politics is horse manure theatrics. 🗑🚮”



“He should be investigated. What business is he doing to afford that opulence?




“Politics is a lucrative career in Zim. Voters are the wood to be used. Carry on voting.”




“I hope he is not coming back as MP. A CCC leader must not be there to show off, more so in this economy.”




“It’s his money. Keep him safe away from the Lazy communist pocket watchers. In no time, they’ll be making noise about how he should be building clinics & buying them groceries as well as paying school fees for their children. The great thing is he exposed the foolishness of some.”