Outcry As Mike Chimombe Gets Acquitted While Wiwa Rots In Prison

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There was an outcry across social media platforms following news that flamboyant businessman Mike Chimombe was acquitted of a fraud charge.


Chimombe appeared before the courts on allegations of defrauding a Harare man of US$16,500 in a botched residential stand deal.

Social media users could not stomach the news of his release when opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change member Job Sikhala is rotting in jail after his sixth bail denial by the courts.

Welly Chinyama

It defies logic and the whole of my Theology. This is a solid proof that our Judiciary system is so inexplicable. Chimombe was arrested last month and I shudder to imagine that his trial and judgement was so quick, leading to his acquital whereas Job Sikhala is rotting in maximum prison for almost 6 solid months without even a single trial..
Lucky Basa

Our justice system has been captured thugs are walking free..while political prisoners are languishing in prisons
Tatenda Muzavazi
We have members of Parliament being kept in jail for committing no crime, and people like Mike chimombe and wadyajena being acquitted, our justice system is a joke
Neta Chikosa

Kana uine mari yekutenga majudges muzimbabwe unongonzi hauna mhosva,thanks makore akatosiiwa Wani nehure rake,,ane mari ndimambo muzimbabwe you can kill daily uchingotenga majudges unobuda hapana hapana
Meanwhile, Chimombe was in the eye of an adultery scandal after he impregnated his wife’s little sister. Chimombe, who is married to Mitchell, was said to have impregnated his wife’s sister, Panashe Rusero.
The 40-year-old’s shenanigans with his sister-in-law were exposed after Panashe hosted a baby shower where the two appeared cosy together.
A source close to the family confirmed the illicit affair to a local tabloid. The source said the family had tried to intervene to stop the affair earlier after noting something untoward between the two.