Parents reunited with son 16 years after he was abducted from hospital as a baby


-The mom of the teenage boy

A couple have been reunited with their teenage son 16 years after he was abducted from hospital as a newborn.


Mother Rosalia Lopez and father Yasir Macias, from Mexico, have waited the best part of two decades to see their son Salvador again.


According to the news site El Informador, Salvador was abducted from a hospital in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico by a woman pretending to be a nurse on 15th December 2005, when Rosalia was 22 years old.


The suspect told Yasir that visiting hours had ended and that she needed to take the baby away for feeding. It was the last time the couple saw their newborn, until now.

After years of investigation, in September 2021, the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) carried out a comparative facial analysis based on a picture of the minor to determine how he might look today.


Several months later, investigators came across a young, healthy man with very similar characteristics to the results of their facial analysis.

Officials carried out general tests on the teenager, as well as on Rosalia and Yasir, to verify their genetic relationship, and a 99.99 percent match was confirmed.

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