Passionate Night Takes Deadly Turn: 80-Year-Old Man Dies in 33-Year-Old Lover’s Arms

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Did you know that 2 years back, a night of passion ended in tragedy at a hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, after an 80-year-old elderly gentleman died in his 33-year-old lover’s arms?


David Mluli Mzee Makerege, an 80-year-old pensioner, died in the arms of his 33-year-old girlfriend, Neema Kibaya, at the Mbezi Garden Hotel following a night of passion. According to the police report, Mr. Mluli collapsed and died suddenly while in room number 22, where he had a secret rendezvous with the sultry Ms. Kibaya.


Police Investigation

The hotel manager, Newton Mkonda, informed the police of the sudden death of a client at the hotel who had occupied room number 22. The police arrived at the area and found Mr. Mluli’s body along with Ms. Kibaya, who told the police of the love relationship she had with the deceased.


Preliminary investigations showed that Mr. Mluli could have died from a natural death. The police found no signs of any form of confrontation between him and any other person prior to his death. Mr. Kingai, the Kinondoni Regional Police Commander, stated,


“There were no direct physical signs that could have been noted as doubtful with exception of his underwears getting wet before he passed away.”

Post-Mortem Examination

Medical experts at Mwananyamala Hospital were ordered to conduct a post-mortem examination as soon as Mr. Mluli’s relatives showed up. “Post-mortem protocols demand the presence of a relative of the deceased who has to identify the body before burial preparations,” said Mr. Kingai.


Sources said that the two arrived separately at the hotel, with Mr. Mluli arriving first before his companion. They also suggested that Mr. Mluli could have died from exhaustion, being too old to match a young and energetic woman in a marathon horizontal gymnastic match.


This secret rendezvous between the elderly gentleman and his young lover ended in tragedy. The circumstances of his sudden death were investigated but the results were not released to the public.