Pastor files for divorce, wife shocked


A HARARE pastor with Bible Believing Grace Ministries has filed for divorce much to the surprise of his wife of 24 years.

Allegations are that Naruwade decided to divorce his wife after marrying another woman while his marriage with Spiwe was still subsisting.


In his arguments, Wonder claimed the marriage between them had irretrievably broken down to the extent that there were no prospects of the restoration of a normal marriage relationship.


He said the parties have not stayed together as husband and wife for more than five years.


“The parties have lost love and affection for each other and the parties have irreconcilable differences, have different interests and are incompatible with each other, this honourable Court has jurisdiction to grant a decree of divorce”

,reads part of his submissions.

Wonder Naruwade filed the case, in which he intends to divorce his wife, Spiwe Shupai Naruwade (nee Zulu).


The matter will be heard at the High Court,under case number HC 2205/23.


Spiwe was served with summons last week, much to her surprise and is expected to respond within 10 days.


The parties were married on April 2, 1994, in terms of the Marriage Act (Chapter 37).

Efforts to get a comment from Naruwade were fruitless as he did not respond to questions.


Allegations are that Naruwade left his wife in February 2018, after he had married another wife, while his marriage was in existence.


“He left home around 2018, purporting to be going to school and he would come back here and there.


“He even paid lobola to the woman and they are blessed with one kid.

“I was surprised to see his summons that he wants a divorce.


“We are blessed with three children, than what he indicates in his summons,” said Spiwe.


A source said Spiwe was devastated by the developments.


“She got depressed, they started the church together and now the new wife has taken over.


“He was even at Spiwe’s house recently and she is disturbed,” said the source.

Spiwe’s sister said:


“I have been helping her a lot with prayers each and every time.

“She wasn’t expecting a divorce decree.”