Pastor John takes Christianity to new heights – his legs never touch the ground while preaching (see photos)


Pastor John’s actions have triggered mixed reactions among internet users after he was caught on camera preaching while standing on top of his church members.

This has sparked a lot of discussion and left people wondering whether he is truly a messenger sent by God to guide his children.


In order to become a pastor, one must complete seminary school or be ordained, and gain recognition from their denomination. As preachers, their role is to inspire and uplift their communities.

As the leaders of traditional churches, pastors are responsible for guiding services, delivering sermons, and providing advice and counseling to members of their congregation.

Beyond their role in the church, pastors often have a notable impact on their communities, taking on leadership roles and advocating for social and political causes. They can also provide aid and support to those in need, including the sick, elderly, and those struggling with addiction.


In addition to their religious duties, pastors often have administrative responsibilities that include managing the church’s finances, facilities, and staff. As the public representatives of their congregation, they need to have excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.

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