Pastor Lured Into Bed By Prostitutes After Attempting to Preach at Lodge


Pastor Peter shared his experience of entering a brothel with the aim of spreading the good news to the women who were involved in prostitution.

Regrettably, his mission was unsuccessful as he explained that the women cunningly seduced him into engaging in sexual activities with them.

Born and brought up in Kiambu, he claims that his desire to spread the gospel has been with him since childhood.

Upon finishing his primary education, he fled from home as his aspirations were to become a preacher, while his mother wanted him to enroll in secondary school.

He began preaching in nightclubs, markets, and buses, as per his account. He traveled around different towns, including Mombasa, Tanzania, Uganda, and more, delivering his sermons on buses.

During this time, he had not undergone circumcision since he had run away from home before the procedure could be performed.

At the age of 15, he resolved to preach at a brothel with the intention of helping the women there to embrace Christ and understand that their bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

Upon entering the brothel with his Bible in hand, he caught sight of a woman who was undressed.

He claimed that his body responded immediately, and he stood frozen, gazing at her. He stated that he was powerless when the woman took hold of his hands and started caressing his face.