Plumtree man imprisoned for drinking free beer

Crimes and Courts

A 22-year-old individual from Hebron in Plumtree found himself in trouble after consuming beer without intending to pay for it.


Tinashe Moyo pleaded guilty before Magistrate Joshua Nembaware in court yesterday.


He received a 12-month sentence, with six months suspended on the condition of good behavior. Additionally, three months were suspended on the condition that the accused compensates the complainant with a sum of USD 7.50 by November 30.

The remaining three months of the sentence were suspended on the condition that Moyo completes 105 hours of community service at Plumtree Magistrate Court, starting from tomorrow.


According to the court records, on October 27, Moyo was discovered drinking a can of guarana beer. He was requested to pay for the beer, but he claimed he had no money.


Upon a further inspection by security officers, Moyo was found in possession of an empty Red Bull can, chilli packets, two biltong packets, and a packet of spuds concealed in his clothing.


The total value of the stolen goods was assessed at USD 21, out of which a total value of $13.25 worth of items was recovered.

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