Police Car With Damaged Windscreen Torches Social Media Storm


A car belonging to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) with a damaged windscreen has made rounds on social media with some suggesting that the force was bankrupt and hence unable to fix the vehicle.


In a statement seen by Pidula News, ZRP said the car has already been repaired. Reads the statement:

The ZRP has taken note of the image of a ZRP Karoi Traffic motor vehicle registration number 358R which has gone viral on social media with the damaged windscreen covered with a black plastic sheet. The public is advised that the vehicle was damaged while attending a scene in Karoi on 03/03/23. The photo was taken while the vehicle was parked at the station covered with the black sheet as it was raining. The vehicle was subsequently repaired on 06/03/23. The ZRP sincerely appreciates the public’s concern over the image. 

Some still believe ZRP just removed the number plater from the damaged car and inserted on another one and then took photos and posted on social media claiming that it had fixed the vehicle.

Source:Pindula News