Police name 5 Buhera and Gokwe children killed during violent thunderstorms


HARARE – Police have named the five people killed during a violent thunderstorm on October 16.


Four siblings died in Buhera after their thatched hut in which they were sleeping was struck by lightning, causing a fire.


A two-year-old child, Elvis Sikhosana, died when a hailstorm swept through Chireya in Gokwe, causing widespread destruction.


National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi named the four siblings killed in the fire as Wilfred Hara, 9 months, Melinda Hara, 5, Michael Hara, 5, and Mavis Hara, 11.

Their mother Evernice Takaedzwa, who was sleeping with them, escaped the inferno and called neighbours but the fire was too strong.


Nyathi said: “The ZRP is deeply saddened with the loss of life. As the rain season approaches, we implore the public to follow lightning safety tips such as avoiding being in open spaces and hiding under tall structures like trees while it’s raining.”