‘Possessed’ girl vandalises Catholic church

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A GIRL, who claimed to be possessed, destroyed church property belonging to Uganda Martyrs Roman Catholic Church of Gokwe last week.

The church has since closed and has urged all its members to embark on prayers for three days as part of a healing process.


A source told H-Metro that a lot of property was destroyed.


“Everything was destroyed, picture frames, the tabernacle, all altar clothes were torn.


“Satan ari pabasa, auraya zvinhu zvose mukadzi uyu.


“All members have been urged to join a mass prayer for restoration.”

Rev Damian Gumbo confirmed the incident.


“His Lordship, Bishop Rudolph Nyandoro informs the people of God about the vandalism that occurred at Uganda Martys Mission Church in the Gokwe Diocese.


“A certain young girl, who claimed to be from Zion Christian Church (ZCC), vandalised the church when she was possessed.


“The young girl destroyed the tabernacle, two ciboriums and strew holy communion in the church.

“She also demolished the lectern, sanctuary light, way of the cross portraits, chairs and windows.


“Due to this act of vandalism, the apostolic administrator of Gokwe Diocese summons the clergy, sisters, brothers and the laity into a Triduum of prayer for an act of Reparation.”


He added:


“The three days begin today, and the church will be re-consecrated on Sunday April 2.

“Let us join together in praying for peace, reconciliation and protection.


“On each of these days, we are requested to set aside an hour for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.”