Power Crisis: Mliswa Says ZANU PF Must Let Mugabe Rest

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Norton legislator (independent), Temba Mliswa, has said the ruling ZANU PF must let the late former president Robert Mugabe rest after the party blamed Zimbabwe’s founding leader for the power crisis.

Speaking in a recent interview with South African broadcaster eNCA, ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa said Mugabe’s mismanagement of the country over the past two decades was to blame for the current energy crisis. He said:

The power crisis that the country is facing currently is a product of years of neglect within Zimbabwe in particular.

The mismanagement, the arm-fisted mismanagement of the last two decades of Mugabe and his G40s obviously has a negative pull.

It is retarding the speed of recovery, but you can’t doubt that recovery is going on.

In response, Mliswa said ZANU PF must just admit failure to rectify the problem. Mliswa, a former ZAU PF MP said:

These guys governed together with Mugabe for 37 years. They even had slogans, Mugabe tofa naye [we’ll die with him]. Now he is gone they want to blame him for the rot. It’s rather sad. The honorable thing would be to admit that we made mistakes and will work to rectify them.

It’s an indictment of poor leadership, failing to take responsibility for anything, always finding scapegoats. Is there evidence that you tried to correct Mugabe from making the error? Without that you are equally culpable. Let the man rest in peace.

Zimbabwe’s power crisis is affecting people from all walks of life including businesses, miners and households.

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