Pregnant sidechick crashes lover’s wedding in touching Video

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A couple who were moments away from becoming husband and wife were left in shock when a woman crashed their wedding ceremony.

A heartbreaking video shows the moment a raging pregnant woman stormed the beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony and created a scene.


The short video shows the bride and groom standing beneath an ornate arch with their wedding party as the marriage officiant reads their vows.

When out of nowhere, an angry woman approaches the group from behind and starts shouting at the groom.


In the clip she is heard saying: “Really Anthony? You wanna act like you don’t know me as your sidemiss today? And I gat your baby here? Anthony I know you hear me”.

The pastor ignores her and continues to read the vows as guests audibly gasp at the interruption, with one whispering: “Oh no. Oh my God!”

The scorned woman continues: “Anthony I know you hear me! You’re acting like you don’t know me…I got your baby here!”

While screaming, a young lady who claimed to be the bride’s daughter attacked the pregnant woman, and the bride tried to stop her.

As she does so, she shouts: “You better get out of my mama’s wedding. “What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?”

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