Presidential Guard Nurse Narrates How Marry Mubaiwa Intended To Kill Chiwenga

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A Presidential Guard nurse has narrated how Marry Mubaiwa allegedly intended to kill Vice President Constantino Chiwenga in 2019.


The new details came out when the trial of Marry Mubaiwa who is Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, commenced yesterday.

One of the witnesses, Warren Sibanda, a Presidential Guard nurse who accompanied the VP, narrated before Harare magistrate Florence Chakanyuka how Marry Mubaiwa intended to kill Chiwenga:

It was on July 31, 2019, when we went to China for further medical attention. While at the airport, there were two aeroplanes and the accused discovered that I was going to China, with the complainant, Major Muringi and Health deputy minister John Mangwiro. She caused a scene at the airport by refusing to board another plane back home.

She was shouting at us and the argument was quelled by the South African Police Services after being delayed by two hours.

He said on July 22, 2019, Chiwenga fell ill and an arrangement was made to airlift him to South Africa. Mangwiro was leading the team and overseeing everything. Sibanda added:

We were supposed to leave by 1830pm. We went to the airport and we noted there were two aeroplanes. We went into the same plane. We then went and arrived at Lanseria Airport in South Africa and I was given an order by Mangwiro to go straight to the hospital. The accused was directing us and we then found ourselves at the basement of Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria. I thought maybe we were at the hospital.

Mangwiro then told him that Mubaiwa, a former model, was directing the arrangements.

She allegedly told them that the rooms at the hotel were already booked. Sibanda added:

When the accused person got out of the room and went to the next room where her child was sleeping, the complainant called me asking why we booked him in a hotel room than to proceed to the hospital for his medication.

Sibanda said he told Mangwiro about the issue, and the next day, Chiwenga was taken by force to the hospital.

He said when they went to the hospital Chiwenga was put on IV fluids and they continued putting them and gave him paracetamol only.

Sibanda said after Chiwenga was assessed, he was referred to NetCare Hospital and placed in the intensive care unit.


He further alleged that when they took Chiwenga to the hospital, Marry Mubaiwa was shouting at everyone present.


Sibanda added that on the following day, a pipe was put inside Chiwenga’s rib cage to drain water from the lungs.


Sibanda said the next day, Mubaiwa arrived at the hospital saying she would bring a doctor called Bruce.

She reportedly went to the hospital at odd times and ordered security staff to go out.

On July 8, 2019, Sibanda said he asked security to bathe Chiwenga and wash his clothes.

Mubaiwa arrived with her doctor and they left.

On opening the door, I saw droplets of blood on the floor and some blood on his T-shirt. I asked the security staff and they told me that the complainant (Chiwenga) was about to leave the room, (but) then returned to his bed.

Chakanyuka postponed the trial for cross-examination of the witness to March 13.

Source : Pindula News